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Your dedicated team, here to help you achieve your financial goals

What do you want to achieve, and why?

Driving a nice car, sending your children to private school, travelling regularly overseas, owning a holiday home down the coast, retiring a little earlier.

These are all achievable lifestyle goals. But it's never going to feel like enough unless these goals really mean something to you.

You've first got to be clear about exactly what you want – and why.

From there, we will work on an achievable plan to make it happen.


Financial advice
A holistic suite of advice solutions to take you where you want to go.
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Personal insurances
Protecting your valuable assets and providing assurance to loved ones.
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Building your next egg so you can live your ideal retirement.
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Estate planning
Providing your family with certainty and protecting your legacy.
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Helping you access funds to invest in property with confidence.
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Retirement planning
Mapping out the tactical steps to get you ready for your next phase.
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Answers to frequently asked questions

Curious about how we work together or how financial advice works? We've put together a list of questions you may have.
Who uses a financial adviser?
You might be surprised to know that using a financial adviser isn't reserved for the elite. Our services are ideal for anyone looking to take charge of their money, make the most of their retirement, and have more peace of mind that their family will be looked after.
How much money will I need to retire?
Despite what the media would have you believe, there's no neat answer to this question. How you'll be able to achieve your ideal retirement will depend on a lot of factors. We'll help you define that magic number, and then craft a strategy to make the most of your entitlements, superannuation and assets in a tax effective way.
When can I retire?
Again, the answer to this depends entirely on your individual situation. What we do know is that the sooner you start preparing for your retirement, the more options you'll have. As an aside, we want to help you create a life where you don't have to wait until you've retired to get out on the golf course – or whatever floats your boat.
Do financial advisers play the stock market?
Some might, but not the good ones. We never make empty promises of being able to 'time the market', because the data tells us it doesn't work – and we'd never risk your hard earned dollars on a gamble. At PFG Financial Services, we make data-driven investment decisions that align with your values and long term goals.

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